Bit: international tourism exchange

From 20/06/2019 to 31/12/2019 - Starting from € 50.00  

The International Tourism Exchange - Bit, has been confirmed as the largest event dedicated to the exposition of the Italian tourist product and the best deals of the international tourism market. Bit The event is dedicated to the industry and is divided into days and exclusive areas in which supply and demand have the opportunity to meet and conclude negotiations in the highly professional. Exposure of the International Tourism Exchange - Bit uses a large and welcoming exhibition area and includes specific sections related to different types of tourism, technological innovations for the tourism industry, new trends in travel and many other topics of ´news in the field of reference. For exhibitors Bit offers the opportunity to take part in a B2B event where you maximum visibility for their offerings dedicated to the country and abroad.

Bit, the International Tourism Exchange is a unique event in size and professionalism of the audience during the weekend open to the public to meet with the final recipients, learn about emerging needs, calibrating the future offers.