Mifur: international fur and leather

From 20/06/2019 to 31/12/2019 - Starting from € 70.00  

The International Fur and Leather, Mifur, is dedicated to the field since the annual timeless style of the skin and fur. 
Organized dallEnte Mifur Fair, the fair skin and fur Mifur, is now the benchmark for the international market segment, thanks to a beautiful exhibition organized by product areas ranging from leather to fur to the packaging of fur from services also include clothing and accessories, equipment, products and services for the care of animals and cleaning.

Laffluenza of Italian and foreign buyers to Mifur is guaranteed by the care with which you select the exhibitors, who are asked to submit their production of products or trademarks of certifying lesclusività or representation. 
Exhibitors Mifur is assigned to a large exhibition area, while the buyer will enjoy in their spaces, areas prepared for the breaks, where browse magazines and organize their stay in the city.

The appointment with Mifur held concurrently with the fairs Micam, Mipel and Mido, the interplay of events that recall the fair in Milan, a large and interested audience, focused on innovation in the field and ready to receive the signals that the exhibitors will be able to propose innovative.